Friday, April 26, 2013

Quick Update

Last night I had the senior belts all practice on what they were going to do for the demo (all of those in attendance last night were there Wednesday night as well).  Bryce and I figured out where some mistakes were made in Kwan Gae, Hunter and Isaiah worked on the nunchaku form and one steps, Kate and Leilani worked on their one steps.  I was very pleased with their progress.

I spoke to all of the students last night about having fire in their katas, thinking about it this morning driving in my car perhaps a better way of describing it is the word passion.  For those of us who remember the Rocky movies in the 80’s it the old Survivor song “Eye of the Tiger”.  In Rocky III, Rocky suffers some hardships and just loses his way, and the movie is all about him being guided back to discovering his way back to being the Boxing Heavy Weight Champion.   He needed to make the fight real, he needed to care about it.

When practicing kata I want the students to have passion in them, I want them to do it like it is real, not like they are coasting on a bicycle.  I am pleased to say that all of the students who I talked to about this (our intermediate belts got the same talk but in regards to practicing self defense), picked up the pace and improved.  The seniors last night showed a marked difference from the night before.  Isaiah made the nunchaku whip through the air and although he is the least experienced in the class I even called upon him to demonstrate what I mean by “Fire” in their kata when we were practicing empty hand katas.

Hunter showed a big improvement when doing Nunchaku Ni, last night.  He had good concentration he too was making the nunchaku sing  as they whipped about through the air.  Bryce showed a big improvement in Kwan Gye, as his punching and his kicks made his gi (uniform) pop with his movements.  Kate and Leilani were thinking and putting together some good one steps which I then helped them to fine tune.

All in all it was a good extra workout for them on their demo material, since they were the only ones in class.

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