Thursday, February 6, 2014

Junior Modern Arnis class

Dylan practicing Response 1 with double sticks

Over the years that I have been teaching American Karate/TKD at the Roanoke Recreation Center I have always desired to teach Modern Arnis to kids, however the way I had learned Modern Arnis wasn’t the best way to teach kids.  This past year when we rewrote our curricula  for both the Modern Arnis class and the American Karate classes it gave us an opportunity to create a Junior Modern Arnis curriculum as well.  So new for 2014 is the Junior Modern Arnis program.

Modern Arnis is a martial art and self defense system from the Philippines and it has a different training and teaching method than the Japanese, Korean, or Okinawan martial arts systems of Karate or Tae Kwon Do.  In Modern Arnis a rattan stick is used as a training device to teach empty hand skills plus weapon skills at the same time and a emphasis is placed on the student learning how to move from one type of weapon combination to another.

Modern Arnis similar to our American Karate program in several ways.
·        Modern Arnis has a similar belt rank structure.
·        Our Modern Arnis program uses a similar belt stripe system to track the student’s progress.
·        Our Modern Arnis program teaches similar kicks and strikes up to about the Green belt level in the American Karate program.
·        Modern Arnis uses similar stances, similar blocks i.e. similar basic techniques to our American Karate program
·        Our Modern Arnis program teaches Anyos or forms (kata) just like the American Karate program.

However the Junior Modern Arnis is very different as well.
·        Junior Modern Arnis is designed for students 10yrs old and older.
·        Modern Arnis is a fun exciting class that is geared for student partner training.
·        Modern Arnis has 5 anyos up to black belt in empty hand as well as 4 anyos for solo baston (single stick), where as the American Karate program has 10 empty hand kata.
·        Students learn three different weapon combinations, double stick single stick and empty hand for each rank.
Emily and Rian practicing Response 2 with double stick
·        Greater emphasis is placed on learning self defense techniques
·        Greater emphasis is placed on learning locking and controlling skills.
·        Greater emphasis is placed on learning sweeping and takedown skills.

The big difference between the Junior Modern Arnis class and the adult Modern Arnis class is that the material is taught from an age appropriate perspective.
·        The edged weapon (knife) training, as well as the espada y daga (stick and knife combination) has been removed and replaced with learning the bankaw (staff)
·        Many of the chokes, neck cranks etc. etc. have been removed as well.

Our new Junior Modern Arnis class is perfect for students who are new to the martial arts but are looking for something that is different than Tae Kwon Do or karate.  Our Junior Modern Arnis class is perfect for younger students who have had training in karate or another martial art but want to train in another system to get a wider view of the martial arts.  Modern Arnis also is a good self defense based system for those students that are seeking self defense skills.

Click on the Modern Arnis page above to view more information about this class.

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