Monday, February 3, 2014

Tournament 4

The AKATO Invitational Tournament

Over all our school did pretty well at the 2013 AKATO Invitational Tournament.  We had students competing from beginner levels all of the way up to Black Belt kata in both weapons and empty hand forms.  In sparring we had students competing from beginners through intermediate belts.

Before I wrote about how our students stepped up to the challenge of kata competition by competing in weapons kata, or doing a Modern Arnis anyo in a karate tournament etc. etc. but this time I wanted to congratulate all of our students who ended competing in sparring, and kata.   

Merek our youngest competing student really stepped up to the plate because he didn’t want to compete and thought he was only going to a practice, he wasn’t too pleased to find out he was at a tournament.  However once Merek got out onto the floor and got warmed up he ended up taking 2nd place in both kata and sparring.  He earned Hidden Sword's Beginning Competitor of the Year Award for his strong showing at this tournament.  Especially since he didn't know he was competing until he was getting warmed up.

 Cater and Wade are brothers and Wade had been helping his younger brother learn his kata for Gold belt.  Carter ended up taking first place in kata with Jayoo in White/Yellow belt division.  Wade took 3rd place in sparring in the heavily contested Green/Blue division.

Dylan and Crea’ are both Gold belts and this was their first tournament and they placed in both events taking 1st and 2nd place each time.  Dylan took 1st in Kata and 2nd in Sparring while Crea’ took a 2nd in Kata and 1st in Sparring.  Dylan and Crea’ also helped Merek get over his jitters in competing by warming up with him going over and over their kata Chungi.

Emily practicing Stick Form 1 with Bolo
Emily and Anna both competed in Weapons kata and empty hand kata and then Emily competed in Orange/Purple division in Sparring.  In Weapons kata Anna had a run off for 2nd 3rd place and then she won 3rd place in Empty hand kata.  Emily placed 2nd in both Empty hand kata and Sparring in the Orange/Purple division.

Matthew took 2nd place in the Green/Blue division for Empty hand kata competing with Yul Gok.  Matthew also had a strong showing in Weapons kata with Baston Anyo Isa but not enough to place.

 Jackie ended up placing 2nd in Black Belt Weapons kata, which is quite a feat for her first tournament.
Jackie addressing the judges prior to starting her Anyo

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