We have two upcoming events scheduled in 2018 for the Presas Arnis program.

4/29/18 Senior Master "Super Dan" Anderson 
HSMA is proud to host "Super Dan" Anderson for a special Modern Arnis seminar on Sunday the 29th of April.  The seminar will be held at the Roanoke Senior Center, topics to be covered will be the Modern Arnis Tapi Tapi drill.

5/26/18 GM Shelly Millspaugh Kombatan Arnis
HSMA is proud to host GM Shelly Millspaugh for a special seminar on Saturday the 26 of May at the Roanoke Senior Center in Roanoke TX.   GM Shelly will be covering GM Ernesto Presas's Freestyle drill from the Kombatan Arnis system. 


39th Annual AKATO Seminars and Awards Banquet

Master Lynn with Joseph and his son James
Master Lynn was a guest instructor at the recent annual American Karate Tae Kwno Do Organization (AKATO) seminars; he taught a two hour seminar on the empty hand Tapi drill from Modern Arnis.  Assisted by Jackie Bradbury and Dylan Serralta.

The seminar had approximately 50 participants ranging from Blue belts to multi dan Black belts from different schools in the AKATO organization.  While most schools were from the DFW area some instructors came from out of state to attend the seminars and awards banquet.
Jackie helping some students

Dylan (blue belt) helping a student

Students lined up while learning the drill
We chose to teach an empty hand drill to the American Karate students in hopes that they might learn the drill quickly and be able to take the drill back with them into their respective schools.  We had a lot of fun teaching at this event.

IMAF Winter Camp in Houston TX
Master Gauss teaching Tapi locks
On March 6-8th in Houston TX the International Modern Arnis Federation hosted it's winter camp.  Master Lynn and Jackie Bradbury both attended from Hidden Sword Martial Arts.  For Master Lynn it was a time to meet up with some old training friends from the days of training at camps with the Professor Remy Presas.  For some of these friends it had been almost 15 years since he last saw them and it was a lot of fun catching up.

Master Smith teaching Filipino Dirty Boxing

Attendees who trained with the Professor

MAPA attendees with the instructors

Masters of Tapi Tapi Chuck Gauss and Ken Smith and master Earl Tullis (from Houston) instructed about 40 participants in double stick, single stick, knife, and empty hand drills.  It was a long camp with an early start at 9:00am and lasting till 9:30 at night on Friday and Saturday.

Dylan applying wrist lock to Master Lynn
On January 31st students of Hidden Sword Martial Arts Modern Arnis and Junior Modern Arnis programs took part in the fourth MAPA event.   MAPA is a Filipino martial arts cross training group that we helped start in May of 2014.  Our fourth event was held at the Okinawan Karate Club in Dallas and it was hosted by Guro Bruce Jenkins of Moroland Martial Arts.

Tomas applying a wrist lock to one of Guro Abel's students

Kevin Bradbury applying a lock to one of Guro Abel's students

Guros Bruce Jenkins, Abel Martinez, Mike Pana, and Mark Lynn all taught at this event and it was a lot of fun.  Guro Jenkins started off with the three locks and lock flows of his system Moroland Martial Arts, Guro Pana then taught on an Espada y Daga drill from his system Bayani Warrior Arts, Guro Able taught on Sinawali Boxing ("Dirty boxing") and Guro Lynn taught on the empty hand flow drill Empty Hand Tapi Tapi.  Over 20 participants took part in this event and it was the first time that Guros Jenkins and Pana taught at a MAPA event.

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