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America Karate / Tae Kwon Do Classes For Children and Teens

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American Karate/Tae Kwon Do (TKD) for young children through adults.  American Karate/TKD is an eclectic art that uses the traditional ITF TKD forms (patterns) as a base system and incorporates techniques and concepts from other martial systems to enhance the students learning experience.  

4:45-5:30 Very Young Beginners White Belts
5:30-6::30 Youth Beginner Color Belts
6:30-7:30 Youth Intermediate and Beginner Teens
7:30-8:30 Youth Advanced Belts and Intermediate Teens

4:45-5:30 Very Young Beginners White Belts
5:30-6::30 Youth Beginner Color Belts
6:30-7:30 Youth Intermediate and Beginner Teens
7:30-8:30 Youth Advanced Belts and Intermediate Teens

9:30-10:30 All Beginners
10:30-11:30 All Intermediates

Does my child need a uniform?
Yes, you may purchase it from the school. 

Will my child need sparring gear?
Eventually, yes.  You may purchase it from the school. 

When will my child need sparring gear?
As a general rule the students get sparring gear when they earn their Gold belt.  This is also generally the time when they move for the earlier class (Young Beginners) to the Youth Beginner Color Belts class. 

Do you compete in tournaments?
Yes, we do compete in a few tournaments (very few really), but tournament participation is not tied in any way to rank advancement.  Therefore it is strictly voluntary and not emphasized.

Do you teach the children self defense skills?
Yes, but self defense is taught in different phases or stages to the student (depending upon age and rank).  As the student progresses they learn more advanced material but it all builds upon each other to enhance the students learning/training experience.

For instance elbow and knee drills are used to teach self defense but also to tie in learning kata (forms), since these techniques are found in the kata.  So they learn the drills improving basic coordination, conditioning, hand/eye coordination, etc. etc. and they are backed up by using them in other i.e. kata, one steps, and self defense techniques.  But we don't tie in these skills to sparring.

Shown here are students practicing elbow and kneeing techniques.  These techniques are stressed to be self defense only but are used in kata, one steps etc. etc.  

For a more detailed explanation of our Children’s and Teen program

The Hidden Sword American Karate curriculum uses the older Tae Kwon Do patterns (Tuls, Hyungs, or katas) that were created by GM Choi in the mid 1960’s, although Hidden Sword Martial Arts is not associated nor connected with any Tae Kwon Do governing bodies based in Korea.  Hidden Sword is an eclectic art; using skill, application drills, and concepts from several different arts to enhance the students training experience in the martial arts.

Hidden Sword Martial Arts stays with the traditional model of learning martial concepts and skills through training in kata along with applications of techniques.  This method allows the student to work towards a prescribed standard of execution of technique while also teaching them to explore the techniques found in the katas.  Constant references to techniques found in the katas are given and explained with their relation to self defense principles to further enhance the students learning experience.

Physical skills are developed through a variety of skill and partner drills throughout class.  Students work on drills solo and with partners with a variety of different types of equipment that are commonly found in full time martial art schools.  Working on skills solo allows the student to concentrate on individual development and focus; while working with partners or in a group setting helps the student to adjust to working with others. 

Training in a class room allows the students to in time develop leadership skills as well by leading warm up exercises, leading a kata, helping to instruct a new student or by helping lead a group of students.  From the start after learning the first kata students are encouraged and given the opportunity to lead others.  This was an important lesson the late GM Remy Presas passed onto his students (like sensei Lynn) that you learn more from teaching others than just working out, and one that sensei Lynn has instilled in Hidden Sword’s school culture.

Self defense skills are developed in different ways as well.  By blending in techniques and skill drills from other martial arts such as Modern Arnis (empty hand and weapons defense), Thai Boxing (conditioning, and skill such as elbows, knees, and close in fighting tactics), and jujitsu (basic locks and take downs) in the later stages of learning; in the Hidden Sword curriculum the student is exposed to a variety of different methods and tactics to allow them to make their own choices on how to defend themselves on what works for them.  Having the foundation of the base art American Karate/TKD gives the student a good grounding in a martial art, teaching them a variety of different responses and tactics allows them to enhance their martial education giving them a wider view of the martial arts.

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