Master Lynn has been studying martial arts since 1981 and holds the following martial arts ranks:

Renbudo  Karate   
8th dan

Pacific Archipelago Combatives 
6th dan

Kombatan Arnis
Lakan Lima (5th dan)

Modern Arnis
Lakan Apat (4th dan certified by SM Dan Anderson)
( 1st dan certified by GM Remy Presas in 1997)

AKATO Kobudo                              
Black Belt (1st dan)

W. H. Hochheim's Solo Dos Manos System                 
Certified Instructor

Hidden Sword Martial Arts is a member of American Karate and TaeKwonDo Organization

Master Mark Lynn has over 35 years training and teaching experience in the martial arts earning degrees of black belt rank in 5 separate systems.  Sensei Lynn is currently ranked as a 8th dan under GM Michael Proctor, sensei Lynn earned his first black belt in American karate under sensei Proctor. Always learning, exploring, and studying other martial arts, he recently earned his 1st dan in the AKATO  Kobudo program.  Sensei Lynn has also earned black belts in the following systems; 6th dan under Hock Hochheim in the Pacific Archipelago Combatives (PAC) program, 5th dan (Lakan Lima) in Kombatan Arnis under GM Ernesto Presas and 4th dan (Lakan Apat) in Modern Arnis under GM Remy Presas (personally tested for 4th dan by SM Dan Anderson).  Sensei Lynn currently teaches American Karate/TKD, Kobudo and Modern Arnis at the Roanoke Recreation Center, Roanoke TX.

Assitant Instructors
Mr. Kevin Bradbury and Mrs. Jackie Bradbury
 (L to R) Sifu Bruce Chui, Master Lynn, Jackie, Kevin,  David Jones

Both of the Bradbury's got involved in the martial arts after enrolling their daughter Kate (who is also an assistant instructor) in a local martial arts school.  Over the years they both have studied different styles of martial arts (including American Karate and Modern Arnis) before coming to Hidden Sword but their passion is Modern Arnis and that is what they have worked hard to earn rank in.  Ever since coming to Hidden Sword they have worked tirelessly and have been instrumental in helping to grow and promote our program here at Hidden Sword.

In August of 2013 they were promoted to Lakan Isa and Dayang Isa (1st degree black belts) in the Hidden Sword Modern Arnis program.
Master Lynn arranged for both of the Bradbury's to be watched and secretly tested for their Lakan and Dayang ranks while at a seminar with their former Modern Arnis instructor David Jones and his Modern Arnis instructor Sifu Chui.  It was a unanimous decision (after spending time over weekend observing, training with, and exchanging techniques with them) by the examiners Sifu Chui, Master Lynn, and Master Jones that they had earned their rank.

In May of 2017 Kevin and Jackie Bradbury were promoted to Lakan Dalawa and Dayang Dalawa at Hidden Sword's Presas Arnis Black Belt exam.

Kevin and Jackie still train and teach Modern Arnis at Hidden Sword as well as their school Mid Cities Arnis where they currently teach at the NRH Cente (North Richland Hills).   Both Jackie and Kevin have also expanded their training with Kevin training in Hock Hochheim's PAC and Knife course and Jackie training in the AKATO Kobudo program.

Mr. Tomas Mendoza

Mr. Mendoza started in the Modern Arnis Program in 2011 tested for his Lakan Isa (1st dan) in May of 2017.   Tomas helps teach the Junior Modern Arnis program at Hidden Sword as well as helping out in the American Karate program.  Tomas like Jackie also trains in the AKATO Kobudo progam and tested for his black belt in Kobudo in November 2017

Kimberly Wang 
Kimberly Wang, Tomas Mendoza, Jackie Bradbury

Kimberly is sensei Lynn's youngest black belt in the American Karate program.  Kimberly regularly helps out with teaching the Saturday American Karate/TKD classes.  After training continuously since 2011, Kimberly tested for her 1st dan in May of 2016.   She like Tomas and Jackie Bradbury, also takes part in the AKATO Kobudo program where she is the youngest student.  She was given special permission to join in the class even though at the time she was to young, and recently tested along with Jackie and Tomas for her 1st dan in Kobudo in November 2017.

Kimberly has actively been studying in the Presas Arnis program since Oct. 2016 and recently tested for her Green belt/blue stripe rank in January of 2018

Olivia Mendoza

Like her father Tomas, Olivia takes her training very seriously and she to helps out with the teaching duties on Saturdays.  Olivia currently is a red belt and working towards her black belt.

Kaitlyn Wang 
Master Lynn, Kimberly, Tomas, Kaitlyn, Gabriel, and Kevin Brabury

Kaitlyn is our youngest red belt, also helps out with teaching classes on Saturdays along with her big sister Kimberly.  Kaitlyn also trains in the Presas Arnis program with the adults along with her big sister Kimberly.   She along with her sister and Gabe recently tested for Green belt/blue stripe.

Gabriel Nava

Gabe is red belt in the American Karate program, who helps out in the in the Saturday classes as well as helping out in the kids intermediate karate classes when he can.  Gabe along with Kaitlyn and Kimberly regularly trains in the adult Presas Arnis program where he recently tested for Green belt/blue stripe.

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