"I took a month of private one on one self defense classes from Mark through the Roanoke Rec center. I went in completely clueless and I left feeling like I could handle myself if a situation called for it. Mark is super encouraging and great at what he does. Highly recommend taking martial arts and self defense classes through Hidden Sword!" 

Best wishes,

Annie Venator

The Hidden Sword Martial Arts School lead by Mark Lynn teaches students the skills of martial arts in a very positive safe classroom environment.  The skills and insights the students learn have driven radical improvements in our children's accomplishments on and off the practice mat. Mark connects very well with students and has not only the technical skills but the interpersonal skills needed to push the students to the next level….and beyond.
Jerry Carmody

If you are looking for a great place for your kids to grow send them to Hidden Sword Martial Arts! My son has been attending class at there for a little more than two years. I could not have asked for a better teacher and/or better environment for him.  Mr. Lynn has amazing skills that he has mastered through the years but what means more to me is his wonderful way with the kids (and adults).  As a parent, one of the things I enjoy most is when Mr. Lynn laughs with the kids; it shows them it’s ok to have fun in a disciplined environment while they are learning.  Raising kids is hard and we as parents know it takes positive influences from other places in our community.  At Hidden Sword Martial Arts Mr. Lynn teaches principals in class each week do not only apply to taekwondo but to our children’s everyday life.  These principals include; respect, discipline, courtesy, fun, initiative, self-control and self-confidence.  The class dynamic certainly feels more like a family instead of a cold and unwelcoming atmosphere.  My son is accepted in class by his peers and has a good relationship with the others, which is not always easy.  I am very appreciative for all his has done for my son over the last two years.  I am very much looking forward to see what the next few years bring.  Thank you Mr. Lynn for all you do!
Laura T.

Had a great time training with Mr. Mark Lynn today in Arnis stick weapons class.  I'm a 7th Deg. Black belt in empty hand karate. And have trained for over 25 years.  And, Mr. Lynn had a WEALTH of knowledge!!! His class has helped me with my empty hand karate as well as weapons understanding.  
Thanks Mr. Lynn. 

Stephen Starnes

Mr. Lynn is an excellent Instructor, just yesterday I was at a seminar where he taught a class. This gentleman has many years of experience and it shows, I was also impressed with his students, which tells me that Mr. Lynn is a great teacher. I would recommend him to anybody that wants to train in the Martial Arts.

Ysabel Merhout, A-KaTo 3rd Dan

Mr. Lynn knows his stuff! - and then some.  He is well versed in several different forms of Martial Arts so has many options for his students.  He has a great rapport with the kids he teaches. He is patient and flexible with a fun sense of humor, even as he encourages the kids to be respectful and disciplined.  My child looks forward to learning new skills and learning how to improve his existing ones from Mr. Lynn. We highly recommend Mr. Lynn as an individual and as an instructor.

Pete and Jennifer Nava

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