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Just in Datu Tim Hartman seminar in November
Datu Hartman is coming to the Dallas Ft.Worth area and has contacted Hidden Sword Martial Arts about hosting a seminar for him. 

Datu Hartman is head of the World Modern Arnis Alliance and he own his own school in Buffalo New York where he teaches Modern Arnis as the primary martial art at the school.  Datu Tim also teaches internationally and like Dieter he also trains in the Philippines with the Modern Arnis masters there.  Datu Tim has trained in Modern Arnis, Kombatan Arnis, and Balintawak Arnis among other martial arts.  You can read more about Datu TIm at the link below.


This seminar was originally scheduled for September, Datu Hartman's visit had to be postponed and the seminar rescheduled.  However we are working out details and times now, check back for dates, times, and pricing.

Datu Dieter Knuttle from Germany to visit and host seminar at Hidden Sword June 27th-28th
Hidden Sword is proud to host Datu Dieter Knuttle for a two day Modern Arnis seminar in June.  Datu Dieter was planning a family vacation here in the United States in July and he has agreed to stop by and teach our students.   Hidden Sword was planning to host Dieter in 2016 for a seminar when he comes to teach at a Modern Arnis camp in the spring, but we jumped at the chance to host him a year early.

Datu Dieter is one of the founders of the DAV (Deutscher Arnis Verband e.V., DAV) and he is their Chief Instructor a position he has been elected to 10 times (consecutively every 3 years).  Datu (leader of a tribe) was a title bestowed on Dieter by the late GM Remy Presas, and it fits as the DAV is one of the largest Modern Arnis organizations that I have ever seen.  There summer camps generally have over 150+ students for these week long events.

Datu Dieter has conducted or taught at over 800 seminars across the globe: Italy, France, Germany, Russia and the United States to name a few of the countries.  Datu Dieter regularly visits the Philippines and trains under the Modern Arnis masters there, as well as takes part in teaching at various camps and seminars in the Philippines.

Having attended several multi day camps over the years at which Datu Dieter instructed, I traveled to Germany to train with the DAV at one of their summer camps in 2007 and I can attest to the quality of their (and his) skill and instruction.  This will be an awesome seminar and I can't wait for it.

Pricing is
$140.00 through May 31st
$150.00 June 1st an onward

10:00-5:00pm Saturday the 27th
11:00-5:00pm on Sunday the 28th

Location is Roanoke Recreation Center Roanoke TX.

email me at hiddenswordma@gamil.com for more information

Don't let this training opportunity pass you by!  Sign up today for this event.

you can read more about Datu Dieter here at the link below


Monica Lopez Open Karate Tournament June 6th
Once again Master Starnes is hosting the Monica Lopez Karate TournamentLast year we participated in this tournament to help defy medical costs for karate instructor Monica Lopez who was diagnosed with cancer.  This year the proceeds will go to a family that has been struck by cancer three times.  There will also be a silent auction at the tournament to help raise funds for this family.  Hidden Sword is glad to support this type of event.

MAPA 5 May 2nd at the Life Community Church in Haslet TX
MAPA 5 will be an outdoor training event on the Life Community Church grounds in Haselt TX. on the May 2nd.  This will be MAPA's one year anniversary (has it been this long?), as it was one year ago that we started with three instructors planned for a one day cross training event.  MAPA now has it's own FB discussion page, a FB events page, and it has grown from the original four instructors to 10 instructors on the teaching rotation list.  MAPA 5 will be a six hour event with a one hour lunch.  This is a great opportunity for our Modern Arnis students to cross train with other FMA schools.

Cross Training Sparring Event at North Texas Karate Academy in Bridgeport TX.
On Saturday April 18th we will be participating in a cross training event with Master Starnes's karate school in Bridgeport TX.   Our first two events were a big success and our students who participated had a great time.  In 2014 we suspended cross training events while Master Starnes welcomed a new addition, Justice, to their household.  Now that Justice is older it is time to crank up the sparring events.  This cross training sparring event is open to all Hidden Sword students who have sparring gear.

Master Lynn to teach at the 39th Annual AKATO Awards Banquet and seminars
On March 21st, Master Lynn will conduct a two hour Modern Arnis seminar for the AKATO (American Karate Tae Kwon Do Organization).  Master Lynn will be teaching the empty hand Tapi Tapi flow drill from Modern Arnis.

On Saturday January 31st MAPA held it's 4th seminar at the Okinawan Karate Club of Dallas, sponsored by Guro Bruce Jenkins.   Instructors were Guro Bruce Jenkins of Moroland Martial Arts, Guro Abel Martinez of Modern Arnis, Guro Mike Pana of Bayani Warrior Group, and Guro Mark Lynn  of Hidden Sword Martial Arts.   MAPA is still growing and MAPA 5 is slated for May and Hidden Sword will be the host school.

Starting in January 2014 we will be forming a Junior Modern Arnis class for students 10 years old and up.  This past fall we have allowed a couple of junior students to train in the adult classes on a trail basis they have done so well that Jackie Bradbury and I tweaked the adult Modern Arnis curriculum and have created a age appropriate program for junior students.   For more information about the  Junior Modern Arnis, class times and about the Modern Arnis program in general please click on the Modern Arnis Tab on this stie.

Class Change on the 8th of February
The 8th of February will be a busy day for Hidden Sword Martial Arts (well for Mr. Lynn) and for my self as the head instructor.  Our school has been invited to take part in a black belt exam at Laronda Hawkins school in Jacksboro TX.  The test is at 10:00 a.m. but with the drive time and length of the exam we won't be having Karate/TKD class that afternoon.

Also on the 8th sensei James Toney will be inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame and there will be a informal celebration for him at the Richardson YMCA, which Mr. Lynn plans to attend.  Over the years Mr. Toney has participated in arnis workouts with Mr. Lynn and is close friends with Kombatan Arnis instructor Greg Harris (who is another of Mr. Lynn's workout partners).

Ms. Jackie will be teaching the Modern Arnis class on Saturday morning but the TKD classes will be canceled.

AKATO Black Belt Exam in Richardson TX on March 22nd
On March 22nd we will not have class due to our senior students traveling to the Richardson YMCA to spar on a black belt exam for three students of the Richardson and Garland YMCA Karate programs.  On a side note we had five students who took part in sparring on this exam, three Red belts, a 2nd Brown, and a 3rd Brown.  All five students did very well and I received several compliments by black belts on the exam board on their participation.

Texas X Karate Championships on April 12th
While we are not a competition focused school this tournament was recommended to me and since it was a venue that both our Modern Arnis students and our Karate students could compete in, I suggested it to our classes to see if there was interest.  Several of our younger students are interested in competing from both programs so we will not have class so we as a school can attend the Texas X karate Championships in Bedford TX.

Metroplex Arnis Players Alliance (M.A.P.A) inarguable seminar 1:00-5:00 pm on May 3rd
What started out as a cross training event for our arnis program has morphed into a seminar and the creation of MAPA.  MAPA is meant to be a non style oriented cross training vehicle for Filipino martial artists and those people who are interested in the Filipino Martial Arts (FMAs).  For our first event we have three instructors Guro David Beck, Guro Abel Martinez and Guro Mark Lynn teaching on various subjects on the Filipino martial arts.  This event will be hosted by Hidden Sword Martial Arts at the Roanoke Rec. Center.

Afternoon classes will be switched to the morning time to accommodate this event.

Monica Lopez Benefit Karate Tournament on May 31st
Ms. Lopez is a martial arts instructor who has been diagnosed with cancer, all proceeds from this tournament will be going to help cover medical costs for Ms. Lopez.

Hidden Sword Martial Arts will be attending this tournament to help out with this worthy effort.  We will not have any classes on this day.  More about the tournament can be found at the following link.


Black Belt Exam for Hidden Sword Martial Arts July 19th at 1:00 pm
Currently we have 4 students in our American Karate program slated to test for 1st degree black belt on July 19th.

Celebrate Roanoke Festival on October 11th
The city of Roanoke will have the Celebrate Roanoke festival in old town (down town) Roanoke.  Students from Hidden Sword Martial Arts will be performing in two demos one at 11:00 and one at 4:00pm.  Students will be demonstrating Karate/TKD, Kobudo and Modern Arnis on the stage down town.

AKATO Invitational Tournament to be held on October 25th
On October 25th the American Karate Tae Kwon Do Organization will be hosting their annual tournament in Richardson TX.  This is the one annual tournament we go to each year as a school, this year they are adding a Kobudo weapons kata division which some of our students will be participating in.

MAPA 3 coming in Novemeber
As we wind up 2014 MAPA is scheduled to have it's third seminar in Novemeber.  Hosted by Guro John Bain's school, Plano Self Defense, it is scheduled for a four hour event.   Guro Abel Martinez, Guro Darren Dailey, Andrea Tabei, and Guro John Bain will be instructing.

Roanoke Christmas Parade Decmber 6th and Christmas Party on the 5th.
Hidden Sword Martial Arts will be walking in the Roanoke Christmas Parade this year and we are looking for volunteers.  Also the Christmas party will be held on December 5th at the Ronaoke Senior/Community center.


Saturday the 21st of September

Hidden Sword Martial Arts will be attending a special semi open sparring session at the North Texas Karate Academy located in Bridgeport TX from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Master Stephen Starnes will be hosting a semi open (invitational) sparring session with three other schools to allow our students to work together on their sparring.  Our (Master Starnes and I) hopes are that if this is a successful and enjoyable training event that we will have more of these types of events in the future allowing our students to have some good cross training opportunities in the future.

More information about why this is important can be found on our blog under Special Sparring Session

Saturday the 5th of October
Sensei Lynn will be attending a special street knife defense seminar at the GMAU (Gospel Martial Arts Union) seminar during the morning session.  Assistant instructors Kevin and Jackie Bradbury will be covering the Modern Arnis class and getting the beginners karate class started till his return. 

Saturday the 12th of October
Hidden Sword Martial Arts will not be having classes due to our participation in Celebrate Roanoke.  Celebrate Roanoke is annual city celebration that has food, local musical acts, entertainment for the kids, etc. etc. along with vendors promoting their businesses in Roanoke.

Our school will have a booth there promoting our school so we won't have classes that day.  Please come by the booth to say hello and to learn more about our classes.

On Saturday the 26th of October
Hidden Sword Martial Arts will be attending the annual AKATO Invitational Tournament held at the Richardson YMCA in Richardson Texas.  This is the one tournament we as a school go to every year, this is a chance for your child to compete against other students performing similar kata, at similar ranks in sparring etc. etc.  In short this tournament is conducted in a fair and balanced manner and it is a good opportunity for your child to compete against their peers.

Link for entry form    http://www.akato.org/resources/tournament-2013.pdf

Link for AKATO     www.akato.org

We will not have class that day.

Saturday November 16th
We will have a big day that day.  It has been confirmed that on the 16th from 9:30am -10:30am we will have the first half of a belt exam for our Intermediate and Advanced students.  This part of the exam will feature students demonstrating their kata, their one steps, self defense, etc. etc.  in front of the examining board.  Then the students and the exam board will move downstairs to the Aerobics room to conduct their sparring part of the exam in tandem with our next Special Sparring training session with other martial art schools.  The sparring session is open to everybody beginners - advanced, although the test is only for those qualified to test.

Sparring session is from 11:00am-1:00pm.  After sparring if there is enough interest we can all go out and get a bite to eat at a local restaurant.


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